What’s a cape coat?

Cape coats are a modern twist on traditional dress.

While they are worn in the wintertime, the wearer often wears them in summer as a form of fashion statement, often paired with an undershirt.

The cape coat was created by a Scottish tailor who also made a coat for Queen Elizabeth II and a coat in her husband’s royal coat of arms.

A cape coat is made of a woven fabric of different colours, often made from silk, and is often worn in a striped or patterned manner.

It is an easy to make garment for casual wear.

Many of the styles have a button or strap that can be tied on the outside, while others are designed for a full-on button up or coat.

Some examples include: a cape and hood; a cape, with a hood or cowl; and a cape with an overcoat.

The word cape comes from the Latin word capere, which means “a long cape” and refers to the fabric.

The term was popularized in the mid-1800s when a tailor named Robert Campbell produced a pair of trousers called the cape.

Campbell sold the cape and then took it to the court of King George III, where he styled it and sold it as the King’s Cape.

Today, many of the original styles are still in use, and many are still made to order.

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