“It is so cool” to wear the red trench coat with the Irish Flag

“I am so proud to wear this coat,” said Joe Smith, an Irish-American who has been wearing it for three months.

“It’s so much fun to wear it.

I like to be dressed up in it.” 

The coat is a red-and-white coat with a large red patch, and the word “I”. 

“I am a huge fan of the Irish flag, but I can’t wait to wear a red trench-coat with the flag on it,” he said. 

The trench coat has also become a popular option for a variety of other social occasions, including parades, parties, and other occasions when the red patch is in demand. 

“This coat is so easy to wear, with just a few buttons,” said Anthony O’Sullivan, a writer and fashion designer based in Chicago. 

A trench coat in this colour is also a popular accessory for the red-faced Mr Smith. 

Irish fashion expert Anne D’Oliveira, who has worked with several designers on the project, said the coat is the perfect “dressy” dress.

“It is just so well dressed and the colour of the coat gives it that extra touch,” she said.

“You have that bit of the classic, American look with the modern feel of a trench coat.” 

Mr Smith said he wanted to wear his trench coat for the occasion because it was “just something he loves”.

“He likes the simplicity and it makes him feel like a hero,” said Mr Smith, who described himself as a “loner”.

“I think the coat makes you feel like you have a real, physical presence in the world,” he added.

“He said the only time he felt like he needed to wear something was when he was fighting a battle or being attacked by the enemy.” 

He said he liked wearing the trench coat as a gift, and had a plan to have it on display in his apartment.

“I really like to do this for a while and see how it turns out,” he explained.

“I really hope it’s going to be a big hit.”

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