‘Bionic hair’: ‘The perfect solution for hair loss’

The world’s first ‘bionic hair’ has been developed by a British chemist, a hair transplant expert says.

The pioneering research was carried out at the National University of Singapore by Dr Peter Koo and his team who are using a novel method to regenerate hair and skin tissue using the same technology as a human hair follicle.

Dr Koo said the new technology is a way of protecting the patient from the side effects of chemotherapy and other radiation treatments.

He said it was a promising breakthrough and would allow the future of hair transplantation.

“This is the first time we have been able to successfully regenerate hair from the patient’s own cells,” Dr Koo told ABC Radio on Monday.

“We have already used this technology to treat cancer patients and the results have been encouraging.”

The team first implanted a stem cell into a patient’s scalp to create a hair follicles.

This is where the new method was used.

The stem cells were then injected into the patient to create new hair.

“There are two important parts to the treatment: the patient has to be very, very careful not to harm the new hair,” Dr Praveen Kumar said.

“In the last few months we have started to see some success in this, and that’s because we are able to regenerate the hair from a healthy patient’s stem cells.”

So that is the reason why we are very optimistic that this technology can be applied to other areas of the body.

“Dr Kumar said the treatment would be applied on the scalp, on the head and on the body.”

If the new skin tissue is regenerated by using this method, it will be able to take the place of damaged hair in the patient, it won’t take the shape of the old hair,” he said.

The technique will also be applicable to treating other cancers, such as those caused by the human papillomavirus.

Dr Kumar added that the technique was promising because it would allow other areas like the skin to regenerate.”

It’s possible that we could also apply it to other tissues like the bones,” he added.

Dr Praveens research team are also studying the use of graphene to improve the durability of the new materials.

The team are currently studying the best way to manufacture graphene for use in the treatment of cancer patients.”

The problem with graphene is that it’s not transparent,” Dr Kumar said.”

So you can’t see what you are putting in there.

But graphene has an extremely high electrical conductivity and so it’s possible to coat the whole material with this conductive material.

“You can see the graphene surface and you can see how it is connected to the other materials.”

Dr Koos team are still studying the technology and hope to have a commercial version of their technology within the next few years.


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