Why your coat is more likely to catch fire

The coat is the only piece of the fire protection system you’ll ever need, but it can catch fire and be a real nuisance to firefighters, too.

Here are some tips to keep your coat dry, protect it from damage and keep you from getting caught in the crossfire.1.

Coat should be clean.

Always clean your coat.

Never wear a coat that’s not completely dry.

You can’t just leave your coat on and hope it won’t catch fire.2.

Your coat should be dry.

Always wear a jacket, pants, and pants.

If you can’t wear them, wear them.

You should be able to remove the coat and put it back on.3.

If it catches fire, get your coat off.

When it does, get it out of the way quickly and put your coat back on as soon as possible.

It may be worth the effort.4.

When you put your jacket on, use the same amount of force to push it away from you as you would to push a small piece of paper.5.

Make sure your coat doesn’t catch on fire by placing your hand underneath it and pushing it away.

When the fire is on your hand, put your hand under the coat.

If the fire gets on your jacket, put it on your back.6.

Always put your helmet on at the start of your shift.7.

Make a habit of wearing your coat at least every other day.

Your jacket should last at least two weeks.8.

Never let a fire escape while wearing a coat.9.

Always be sure you’re wearing your helmet and a face shield.10.

Always take off your coat if you’re outside.

This means you should put your face shield on and your jacket off when you leave the office.11.

Never leave your jacket at the office for any reason, even if you just want to take a shower.

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