What is the most adorable thing you’ve ever seen?

A toddler boy coat has been making the rounds on Instagram, and it’s definitely not the usual “baby” coat.

In fact, this little bundle of fluffy white fur and blue fleece is a little more unique than most baby coats, with the toddler’s head and arms being covered in fur.

As the video shows, the coat has a small button that pops up in the middle of the head to reveal a furry face.

“I’m a little excited,” says the toddler, who goes by “Toby”.

He also has a button that he uses to close his eyes, so he can breathe underwater.

The toddler was born on December 8, and according to the Instagram post, he was born without his mother’s coat.

Toby’s dad says the little bundle has a “special place in my heart” and the family hopes to have it in the next couple of months.

“We are just grateful to have him, and the fur is just a part of his personality,” Toby’s father, Andrew, tells New Scientist.

Andrew says that Toby has a very unique “toy” side to him and is “just a normal boy”.

Toby was born in Australia and is a full-time student at the University of Melbourne, and is looking forward to growing up and seeing his family for the first time.

Andrew said Toby is excited to have the coat, and has no intention of wearing it outside of the house.

“He is just so much more than that, he is a very special boy,” he says.

The baby’s face is covered in white fur, which can also be seen in the photo above. “

And that’s what we really want for Toby, is for him to grow up and to find a family.”

The baby’s face is covered in white fur, which can also be seen in the photo above.

The fur also covers his hands, feet, and chest, and a blue fleecy fleece coat also covers the toddler.

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