Skiing: What to know before you go skiing

By the time we’re through this article, we’ve spent the last five days living in an avalanche.

The avalanche was a lot more intense than we’d anticipated.

We were at the bottom of a hill, and the avalanche was moving at a brisk clip.

When it finally came, the avalanche ripped off the ski poles, sending us flying into the air and into a wall of snow that blocked our path.

We landed upside down, and there were a few moments where we couldn’t figure out how we’d gotten out.

We thought we’d be dead.

We didn’t realize until we woke up the next morning that we were alive.

The following week, when we were asked if we’d seen a bear, we responded, “We haven’t.”

It was scary, but the adrenaline rush from the experience was something we could never put into words.

We’re thankful that we survived the experience and made it out alive.

We’ll be heading out on another trip in February, and we’ll be back to the same ski season again this year.

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