Man who made a trench coat to go with his dog’s coat gets it back

The man who made the trench coat he wears to work in a Toronto office, has been told he will have to put it back on, in the form of a coat, to avoid being sued for copyright infringement.

The jacket was made in a garage workshop, with a few spare parts, after being stolen in January.

It was originally made for the dog’s handler, but when the handler moved to Canada, it was taken.

“I’m not going to have it back because it’s copyrighted,” said Mr. Filippi, who was not named in the lawsuit.

“They made a mistake with the design.

The design was not original.”

The coat was made with a 3D printer, and it was not available for purchase.

It also doesn’t have a button on the back that you can press to close the coat, which the owner has said he would not do, according to the lawsuit, filed in Ontario Superior Court in Brampton, Ontario.

Mr. Vesely, who said he works in the office of a prominent law firm, said he plans to return the coat to its original packaging.

“The coat is a personal item.

It’s not something that’s just going to be thrown in a box and sent home,” he said.

“There’s a lot of people that have made similar things and there’s no problem.

It makes it very difficult for me to say no.”