Jordan Craigs coat is the first in a new series from Coates and Coates Coates

Jordan Craig, a New York artist and co-owner of Coates & Coates, has teamed up with the designers behind the new Jordan Brand coat to create a new line of coats.

The brand’s new coat will be inspired by the Coates-designed jackets worn by Jordan Brand’s former president of fashion, David Coates.

The coat is named Jordan’s New Coat and will be released on October 25th.

Craigs new coat, which will feature an embroidered logo on the chest, features a brushed nylon lining with a wool-filled interior, leather lining, and wool trim.

The collar is a black-and-white striped patchwork, with a dark brown stitching that is embossed with a star pattern.

The hood is a white wool lining with contrasting wool accents and a dark grey zipper closure.

Craig said the jacket features “the Coates signature black leather jacket and dark brown lining.”

The new Jordan Coates jacket features a contrasting black leather lining and a light gray zipper closure that looks great with your style.

Check out Jordan’s new Jordan coat below.

Jordan’s New coat will include a black leather shoulder bag, a white cotton button-down shirt, a dark gray hooded sweater, and a black nylon lining.

Check the Coats new Jordan Coat at or on Twitter.

The Coates/Coates Coats line of Jordan jackets and coats, which features Jordan’s signature black- and-white stitching on the shoulders and back, have become popular among designers, celebrities, and fans of the designer.

Jordan’s most recent coat, the $600 Jordan Coats Jacket, is available in a number of colors and comes with a leather and faux leather lining.

Coates recently debuted a black Jordan jacket that features a patterned wool collar and a brown lining.

In addition to Jordan’s coats, Coates has a line of shoes called Jordan’s All Stars that include a leather sole, a leather tongue, a black rubber outsole, and leather outsole accents.

The designer previously shared a picture of his Jordan jacket on Instagram and a picture on Instagram of his Coates coat with a caption that reads, “Just got a call from the Jordan team to confirm they will be releasing their new coat in October.

I’m so excited to share this coat with you all.”

The Jordan Coaches line of jackets, jackets, and coats are available on Coates website.

The Coates jackets and jackets are priced at $600 and are available now.

Follow @jordancoates on Instagram for more details.

Read more about Coates:

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