How to choose the perfect winter coat for summer: Eastwood powder coat

How to Choose the Perfect Winter Coat for Summer: Eastwoods Powder Coat Posted by CBS News on Sunday, February 21, 2019 05:32:31When you want to stay warm during winter, your best bet is to buy a coat that’s made from an organic cotton blend that’s soft and breathable.

But if you’re looking for something that will keep you warm, Eastwood has you covered.

Eastwood is offering the Eastwood Powder Coat to purchase in the summertime, which will keep your skin looking soft and fresh.

“You don’t need a thick coat to stay comfortable in summer,” Eastwood’s founder and CEO, Ed Coates, said in a press release.

It’s also the perfect choice for those who are looking to keep warm during the cold months of March and April.

The Eastwood coat, which costs $79.99, features a cotton blend, which is supposed to be super soft and comfortable.

But if you do have skin type A, B, C or D, you might want to look for a wool blend instead.

You can find the Eastwoods powder coat in black, grey or navy.

It’s available for purchase now at and will be on sale through Feb. 22.