Women are more likely to wear trench coats, say researchers

WASHINGTON — Women are about as likely as men to wear a coat of arms or coat of mail, according to a study published online Wednesday.

Women are about twice as likely to own a trench coat as men, according the study by researchers at Johns Hopkins University, which was published online by the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

The coat of arm or coat is a symbol of the military.

But the study found that women also often wear them, and they have been associated with military leadership.

The study also found that men and women share similar traits: They tend to wear suits, while women tend to prefer skirts and dresses.

But women are more often seen wearing trench coats than men, and their coats of arms and mail are considered symbols of authority and wealth.

“It’s not that women don’t wear trench coat,” said Dr. Julie Witte, an assistant professor of psychology at the university.

“They do.

But it is a very distinct thing.

They are less likely to have it on, and the coat of military leadership is very important to them.”

Witte is co-author of a new book called “Women in the Military: A History of Women in Military and Political Life,” and she said women have traditionally worn a coat as a symbol to represent their power, wealth and power.

The new study found women also tend to use the coat as an endorsement of their leadership, and this is especially true of women who lead or are the top-ranking female leaders.

“They’re seen as leaders, and that is their job,” Witte said.

The authors say they want to know what role the coat played in the military and what impact it had on their ability to do their jobs.

“Women in general are more apt to be seen as leadership, as being able to lead, as a source of authority,” Witten said.

“The military has an incredible amount of authority that goes back at least 100 years, and it is not surprising that women would be more likely than men to have that authority.”

Witten said there are two ways in which women have been historically seen as being leaders.

One is that they have a more masculine, masculine-looking appearance.

The other is their attire, like a suit or a blazer.

“There’s a lot of evidence that women are often seen as more feminine in clothing, especially with blazers,” Wittle said.

“Women have been seen as not being as assertive or as strong, and we know that there are lots of stereotypes of women as being passive.”

In other words, women who are seen wearing a suit, tie or skirt are viewed as less capable, less competent, less trustworthy and more likely not to lead.

Women also are more willing to wear the coat than men in the workplace.

Witte said they are also seen wearing it more frequently in the courtroom.

“In some ways, it is because they are seen as the leaders and it’s a symbol, it’s not necessarily a statement of who they are,” Wite said.

Witten believes that in some ways women are viewed differently than men because of their roles in the workforce.

“For example, we’re often told that women have less leadership experience and less authority, and so they have more to prove in the court,” Wike said.

In the study, researchers interviewed about 8,000 women and men ages 18 to 59 in the U.S. and abroad.

Women were asked to list their gender, age, job title, occupation, race, religion, ethnicity, social class, marital status, education, marital income, marital sex, occupation of a spouse, job location, household income and whether they were married or cohabitating.

Women were also asked to identify the coat that they wore.

The researchers also used social media sites to identify patterns of wearing a coat and found that the coat was most frequently worn by women.

Women who were the head of household were more likely in the coat category, while men who were in the household were most likely in it for the job title.

“That suggests that they are more than likely to be wearing a jacket as a way of symbolizing authority,” said Witte.

Witting said the researchers hope that their findings will encourage other women to embrace the coat.

“I think that women should wear the vest on the job,” she said.

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