What you need to know about the wool coat

A new breed of wool coat has been introduced into the marketplace.

It’s called the Columbia Coat and it’s been created by Australian wool industry giant, Woolworths.

This is a new breed for wool coats because it’s produced by hand.

This means the coat doesn’t need to be manufactured in factories.

It can be made by farmers in Australia and then exported overseas.

There’s been a lot of excitement around the Columbia coat, and we wanted to do something different and bring the wool back to Australia.

Woolworths’ director of wool coats, Mark Grosky, said the Columbia was a natural extension of the company’s business.

“We have a strong wool industry here in Australia, and so it was natural for us to think of what we could do with this new breed,” he said.

“The wool industry in Australia is a very important part of our national economy and this wool was really something we wanted something to represent.”

The Columbia coat was produced by the Australian Woolworth’s Australian Operations team, with assistance from the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS).

The coat’s wool is sourced from Australian wool producers in Australia.

It was sourced from the Coop-Woolyard, a local wool processing and packaging business that has been around since the 1920s.

The coat has a premium wool finish and is lined with a fine blend of recycled cotton and wool blend, which is also a great deal cheaper than wool produced by other Australian wool industries.

“It is really quite lightweight, it is very breathable, and it has a fantastic breathability,” Woolworth CEO of the Australian division, Steve McAllister, said.

Mr McAllisters Woolworth Australia office has also been involved in making other new wool coats that are being made by small Australian wool businesses.

“Our Australian operations are a key part of making the Columbia, and the team at Woolworth is delighted with the way it’s going,” he added.

The Columbia is the first of three wool coats coming to the market this year.

The first was produced at Woolies Woolworth and sold in Australia at the end of November.

The second was sold at the Australian Stock Show in February, and will soon be available at Woolie’s online store.

The third wool coat will be made at the Woolies Australian operations in Canberra, while the first two are being produced in Australia for Woolies UK.

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