WATCH: A look back at Teddie Bear’s life and career

The star of the Disney Channel’s Teddies are all grown up, and the first Teddiestad on the show has had his first baby!

Teddy Bear’s parents, Michael Kors and Kim Coates, have a new baby boy.

The new baby, called Tedd, is about a year and a half old, and is named after the actor.

Teddy was born on Feb. 20 at the Kors & Co. baby shower, a special event for the baby’s first birthday, where his parents presented him with a pair of Teddles.

Tedd was wearing a blue, hooded coat, and his hair was long and thick, with a mustache, mustache bud and mustache at the base.

He also had a nose ring, which he has since shaved.

The new baby has his first name, Teddy, because he is a character named after actor Michael Kor.

The baby is Tedd in reference to the actor, and he was born to Kim & Coates and Tedd Coates.

Kors said, “I’ve always loved children, so it was an honor to be the one to give Tedd the opportunity to live a normal life with his family.

The babies first name is Teddy, and it means ‘big boy.’

It means he’s big.

We are happy to welcome this baby into our family.”

Teddy has his own Instagram page and he has been sharing his life story with the world.

He recently posted a video about how he grew up, including the time he and his mother were on a road trip to Los Angeles and they got hit by a car.

He wrote, “When we were hit by the car I didn’t know what hit me.

But I saw the car go, and I knew that it was something serious.”

Tedd was the first child of Kim & Cates, and Tuppy Bear’s mom was named Tuppie.

They were married in 1995.

They have three children: Teddy, Tedd & Keesha, and three grandchildren: Teddy Bear, Tuppies son, and two grandchildren from his other wife.

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