The most popular camel coat in the UK is a ‘feminine, stylish and modern way to look like a woman’

When it comes to the look of a woman’s camel coat, it’s a very different beast to that of a man’s, according to a study by fashion website Vogue.

According to a survey of over 6,000 women, the most popular camels were a ‘camel coat’ for women and a ‘women’s coat’ which “looks like a man would wear.”

Vogue surveyed women in the US, Australia and New Zealand to discover the most favourite camel coats for women.

They found that the most common colour for a woman in their survey was white, followed by a darker shade of brown and a light blue for a man. 

The most popular style for a male camel was the ‘white man’ – a white dress jacket with a short skirt and a collar that was made up of a short and thick cord. 

A black man’s favourite style was the black coat, which was a long and thick coat that was often worn with a black scarf. 

Vogue also asked women if they had worn a coat from a particular brand, and if they thought it looked good.

Over half the women polled said they had. 

“Women love camels,” said the founder of Vogue, Jada Stevens.

“I have always loved the camels and they are the most beautiful and versatile creatures on the planet.”

The study also revealed that camels are “perfectly comfortable for a wide range of body shapes” and are “fancy for women” as well. 

Camels are known for their strength and endurance, but it’s also important to look for their “feminine” characteristics.

The study found that “most women love the camel coat because it looks like a feminine, stylish, and modern style for women.”

“The camels have been around for thousands of years,” said Steven.

“The most common pattern of their coats is white, with a little variation in the colours.

It’s an incredibly versatile garment for any woman to wear. 

Women are especially likely to be interested in the color white, which has a very soft feel to it and is often used in the home.”

It is also a great way to cover up a “man’s” appearance, because camels tend to be worn in the same style as a woman, like a coat and trousers.

Steven also revealed why the camel is such a popular choice for women: “The camel has a great sense of proportion,” she said.

“It is a very feminine and masculine way to dress.” 

Vulture has published an article about the study, which you can read in full below. 

Camel coat, white woman, black man, women’s coat

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