How a $15-an-hour coat hangers rack saved $15,000 at Trader Joe’s

Trader Joes, a chain of fast-food restaurants that’s owned by Kroger Co., has installed a new coat hanging rack at its store in Manhattan’s East Village.

The rack is part of a $30 million expansion plan to modernize the store, which opened in 2009 and features a new interior, new seating, and a new food court.

It is a major upgrade from the company’s previous coat hanging racks, which sat in the same space and were prone to catching fire.

The new racks can hold up to 200 coats, which means customers can pick them up at the counter and put them away. 

The rack at Trader Joes.

Trader Joe is using coat hangars to modernise its stores. 

 Truck drivers, who used to stand at a distance and wait for customers to take their coats off the racks, are now able to get their coats on the rack, and they are paid by the coat hanging rack.

They can also drop their coats at the back of the store. 

It also means that trucks and other drivers are free to walk into the store and get their coat.

They are now free to move around the store as they please, and the racks are made of metal instead of plastic. 

In addition, the rack can be connected to the roof of the shop so that the roof can be used for storage of other items like clothes. 

At the time of the project, Trader Joe was facing the challenge of maintaining the new coat hanging facilities, and one of the main concerns was the risk of fires, the New York Post reported. 

After years of work, the coat hangling rack at the store is now operational.

It holds up to 100 coats. 

Source CBS News

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