Browns unveil new uniforms ahead of 2017 season

Cleveland Browns rookie quarterback Mitchell Trubisky will wear a jersey with a coat of Ceramic Coat Car.

The Browns unveiled the new jersey design Thursday night for the 2017 season.

Trubiskik will wear the new coat of the material on his jersey, which will also be worn by players who start the season on injured reserve.

A new coat coat is the most common material for ceramics and it is a material commonly used in coats that can be durable, washable and lightweight.

It is the second-oldest coat used by a professional sports team in the NFL.

The first was the Cleveland Browns jersey worn by quarterback Joe Banner during the 2007-08 season.

The new coat will be a three-piece design with a collar that will be cut out of a metal fabric, which is a more natural look.

Trumy will wear his coat on the inside collar of his jersey.

Trubisky has already worn a coat on his collar in his rookie season, but it was a red, white and blue color.

The new coat color will be white and red, with an outline of a white and black silhouette on the sleeve.

A number of the other Browns rookies who will wear their new uniforms in 2017 include defensive tackle Johnnie Troutman, defensive end Dante Fowler and defensive end/linebacker Jonathan Allen.

Allen will wear white, while Trubism will wear blue.

Trubs will wear black, while Allen will wear red.

Trubs will also wear a red jersey with white trim.

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