‘Bombshell’: Graphene’s New Patent Could Be The Future Of Everything

A patent for a “graphenes” coating that can “transparently transform an otherwise opaque substrate into an opaque film that can be seen through” could “transform” every single layer of electronics and “all manner of optical, electronic, photonic, electro-optical, etc. devices” and “can be applied to virtually every part of electronic equipment,” according to a report by the American Institute of Electrical Engineers.

This patent is one of the most important inventions ever for graphene, which is a kind of “supermaterial” that “can form a layer of graphene that is as thick as a human hair” and which “is one of, if not the most abundant, types of graphene.”

The new graphene coating could “translate a substrate into a transparent film, thereby creating a film that has the same density as a transparent layer,” according the patent.

The patent states that the coating can be applied “to virtually any part of a device, from a smartphone to an automobile, from electrical devices to electronic devices.”

This technology has a “tremendous potential” in “many applications, including high-resolution and high-throughput optical, digital, and electronic displays, optical communication devices, computer monitors, cameras, displays, antennas, actuators, actuator control, actuation control devices, sensors, sensors sensors for wearable devices, and so forth,” according IEEE Spectrum.

“It is expected that by the end of the decade, this technology could make its way into all aspects of electronic devices and optical imaging, and could also be used in the production of advanced devices, such as self-driving vehicles,” according a report from MIT Technology Review.

The invention is “the first time graphene has been used to produce an optical coating that transparently transforms an otherwise transparent substrate into opaque film, thus transforming the substrate into something that can have the same physical characteristics of a transparent surface,” the report states.

In a related report from IEEE Spectrum, researchers from the University of California-Berkeley and the University in Tsukuba reported “that graphene nanosheets that can emit high-intensity visible light are transparent to infrared light, which can be used to create the same type of optical transmission.”

“The high-energy-density graphene is particularly well suited for applications that require high performance and low cost,” according an IEEE Spectrum report.

Researchers have been using graphene to create devices that are able to “predict, control, and monitor the behavior of a target object,” according TechRadar.

This technology “can create an ultra-high-bandwidth optical fiber with an ultrafast transmission speed, making it suitable for ultra-thin-film and high energy-density optical fibers,” according The Register.

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