A $15,000 head-to-toe coat for every family

A head-covering company in the US has created a new head-covers to help the American public keep their faces covered under an all-American look.

The North Face Coat is a $15 pair of sunglasses that are made of a material that looks like a layer of reflective fabric.

According to the company, it can be worn for up to a month before needing to be replaced.

The North American company also said that the new head cover will not cause any discomfort, as it will still protect the wearer from sunburn and other skin irritations.

“A head covering is essential for safety, security and protection,” said Mike Riesch, president of North Face.

He added that it also prevents sunburn.

Riesch also said the new pair of the sunglasses will not interfere with the wearer’s vision.

But the new face cover will be slightly cheaper than the cheaper model currently available in the United States, and it is not the only brand making a head cover.

A company in Japan has also launched a $1,000 (£1,050) head covering for those who want to take the plunge and opt for the full face.

It will cost a total of $1.4m (£1.24m) but it will only be sold in the country.

North Face has already created a head covering of its own and it will soon be available in Europe and the United Kingdom as well.

(Reporting by Andrew Osborn; Editing by Alistair Bell)

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