The best winter coats in the UK

COLUMBIA, S.C. — Winter coats are the stuff of legend in Columbia, South Carolina.

They’re a winter wonderland, and they’re so much fun to wear.

“It’s really fun to have them around.

It’s very different from wearing a sweater, where you have to keep it in,” said Melissa Dickey, who has been wearing her winter coat for nearly two decades.

The Columbia City Council has made the city’s coat a part of its official city seal since 2013.

It’s a little unusual for a state capital, but Columbia City Mayor Kevin Cramer has been looking forward to the opportunity to wear his winter coat.

Cramer’s coat is part of the city seal, as is the one that greets him on his daily commutes.

As a Columbia City councilman, Cramer said he wanted to make the coat his own.

“I wanted to wear it on my commutes, because I’ve never been to a place that wasn’t decorated,” he said.

“I thought it was just an idea.

And it was an opportunity for me to wear my own coat.”

The councilman wears his coat on his commute to work every day, but he does it with his wife, Jennifer, and their two dogs, Bella and Stella.

Bella and Stella are both retired, and Jennifer says she has been in the business of buying coats for about 20 years.

In fact, Jennifer said she started selling winter coats years ago, selling them to friends and strangers.

“It was just kind of a wild ride,” she said.

“You can be out at the park or at the beach and not wear a coat.”

Jennifer says the coats have been a source of much fun, and she enjoys the experience of wearing them with her family.

She’s sold about 400 coats so far.

“My kids have said that I’ve been so much more productive in the house,” she added.

Jennifer says it was easy to find a coat for her husband, who is retired.

When she found a coat that matched his, she immediately started buying more.

“The whole process was so easy,” she laughed.

For a couple of years, Jennifer has sold her coat to the city for $100.

But that price has gone up to $300 now, because of inflation.

The Columbia Mayor says the city has received some compliments, but has been overwhelmed by the amount of requests.

According to Jennifer, she’s received hundreds of emails and text messages asking about purchasing coats for their family members.

“People are really excited about it,” she explained.

“They’re really excited to have it.”

Jennifer is also happy to share that the coat is on her business cards.

If you’re looking for Columbia City’s official winter coat, Jennifer says you’ll be happy to find it here.

Follow the Columbia City seal at the top of this page for more information on how to wear a Columbia Winter Coat.

Follow the news from Columbia City at the bottom of this article.

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