Nike, Blue Coat, Moncler to launch in womenswear by the end of the year

Nike and Moncler have signed a deal that will see the two brands launch in the womens fashion market by the year 2020.

The two companies have already launched womens footwear in the past and Monlog’s iconic blue jacket is also being released by Nike as part of a collaboration with the sports apparel giant.

The Moncler Blue Coat is the first in a series of womens wear collections for Nike.

It comes as the company has also announced that it will launch its new sports apparel line in the first quarter of 2020.

It will include the Moncler M.A.C.F. collection, a collaboration between Nike and Adidas, the first of which will hit stores in March 2020. 

Moncler has long been a pioneer in the sportswear industry with its iconic moncler jackets, which have become synonymous with the brand and its iconic sportswemakers.

The company has been a sponsor of the World Cup for over a decade and its men’s apparel brand has also been at the forefront of the sport’s popularity and fashion.

The Moncler mens line was launched in 1972 and is still being manufactured by Moncler, with the first collection being released in 1978.

The brand’s current line-up of jackets, trousers, shirts, shoes and bags is comprised of Moncler Men’s and Monlom Women’s jackets, men’s boots and women’s trousers.

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