‘I want to die’: Man ‘totally unhinged’ after being sprayed with bleach

A man who was sprayed with an industrial bleach can has described his life “completely unhinge”.

Key points:A man has described being sprayed in the face with a can of industrial bleachHe says he “couldn’t believe” what he was seeingMr McManus said he was “very shocked” by what he had seenMr McMeans was the first person to have been sprayed in public since the incident, and said he had been left “completely unmoved” by the incident.

The 24-year-old was outside the Westgate shopping centre in Red Creek, Victoria, on Wednesday night when a man wearing a black coat approached him.

“He had a big black can on his back and I was looking up and he was like, ‘what the hell’s going on?'”, Mr McManuses told ABC Radio Melbourne.

“I said, ‘do you have a can on you, do you have any liquid on you?'”‘

He was completely unhinges’The man sprayed Mr McMean with a large can of bleach, and Mr McMenus said it made his face “completely numb”.

“I was so shocked.

I was just completely unbalanced.

He was completely unscathed.”

Mr McMenuses said he then tried to remove the can from the man’s hand, but it remained on the man.

“The next thing I knew, he was spraying me with it,” he said.

“It was just so unhinging.

I’m not a professional painter.

I’ve never been sprayed before.”

You could feel the paint rubbing against you.

I felt like I was in a pool of bleach.

“I could smell it.

Mr Muhr said he felt he had lost control of the situation and the man had “lost control”.””

It just felt like a fire hose.”

Mr Muhr said he felt he had lost control of the situation and the man had “lost control”.

“When you’re at a club, you know what’s going to happen,” he added.

“If it’s an old-fashioned club, it’s the same thing.”

There was nothing to stop him spraying me.

I had no control over him.”‘

I didn’t see him, I just felt numb’Mr McMENUS said the spray had made his skin “dry, white, and very pale”.

He said he could feel “blood coming out of my mouth” and “a strong, very strong smell of bleach”.

He also described the man as “completely unscathed”.”

He wasn’t having any problems with anybody,” Mr McMENuses said.’

The police are in a position to arrest him’Mr MOHR said he would like the incident to be recorded as a “serious assault” and a “major crime”.”

The police would certainly be able to make a strong statement that they have arrested a person and I think we have seen a case of police not making a statement in the right way,” he told the ABC.”

That’s not to say it’s been the right time to make the statement, but they have made a statement, and it’s in a very serious way that he’s been treated.”‘

It was very disorienting’The incident occurred at a time of heightened tension between Australia’s black community and the state’s white population, and the ABC has contacted Victoria’s police force for comment.

Mr McMahon said he believed the man responsible for the spray should be arrested and charged with assault.”

What I want is for the man to be arrested, charged, and jailed,” he explained.”

My intention is to see justice done.”‘

He’s a bit of a nut’The former firefighter who was spray-painted Mr Mc Menus described him as “a bit of an idiot” who “didn’t even know what bleach was”.”

It’s not something that should be happening in the city of Melbourne.

I know what a black man is capable of, it shouldn’t be happening anywhere,” he continued.”

We don’t have a problem with them, we have a lot of problems with the police.

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