How to wear a coat with a hijab as part of hijab-free Winter Festival

By Sarah Smith/ If you are going to be at a festival this winter, then you will need to be prepared to be a bit unconventional, with your hijab, your head covering, your scarf and your dress.

Here are 10 things you need to know to make sure you can go to your next festival with your new scarf and hat.1.

If you plan to attend a festival, you can wear a hijab.

It is perfectly acceptable to wear the headscarf in public, but it is not allowed in public spaces.

This is not just about women’s rights, it is about the freedom to travel.2.

If your family or friends are not planning on attending, you do not need to wear your hijab.

If it is your intention to attend, then don’t wear your headscarfs.

You will just have to wear it to cover up.3.

If the weather is cold, you are free to wear any head covering you want, even a scarf.

It does not matter if it is a scarf, a head covering or an afghan, you cannot cover your face.

If wearing a scarf or afghan is not your thing, you may not wear a scarf in public.4.

If weather is mild, then no head coverings are required.

However, if you feel uncomfortable wearing a hijab or head covering in public then you may wear one.5.

If there is a queue for food, don’t try to go into a queue.

It will only make things worse for the queue.6.

If a festival organiser decides that there is no room in the festival for women with head covering, they are allowed to remove it.7.

If anyone is making noise, make sure that it is the festival organisers, not you.8.

If in a festival atmosphere, please wear a head cover.9.

If people have made noise in the crowd, please listen to them.

If they are trying to make noise, move on.10.

If someone is making a fuss, please tell them that you are in a public space and that they have the right to be heard.

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