How to keep your coat rack from breaking down

COLUMBIA, S.C. — It’s easy to get your coat racks dirty, but it can be even harder to keep them looking new.

A new coat rack can be a nightmare for a novice coat rack installer, says Marc Stokes, the president of Stokes Coat Rack.

A coat rack must be kept clean to prevent mold, dirt and stains, Stokes says.

It can also take a while to break down, so the rack should be professionally repaired and maintained.

If you’ve installed a coat rack yourself, here are the basics to keep in mind:1.

Remove old, worn, or broken coat racks.

Wash them, stain them and clean them thoroughly.2.

Remove coat racks from the ground.3.

Wash the rack after every coat.4.

Always keep your rack out of direct sunlight.5.

When installing new coat racks, check for cracks, holes and scratches.

If any of these signs are present, install the new rack.

If the rack doesn’t have any signs of wear, the manufacturer may have left the coat rack exposed to the elements, says Stokes.

This can lead to rust and/or peeling paint.6.

Wash your coat shelves every two weeks, to keep the coat racks looking new and fresh.7.

Keep your coat racking in a clean, dry place, so there’s no chance that it gets dirty.8.

Keep the rack in the same room, with the same furniture, and with the exact same temperature.9.

Use a double-sided tape, not a duct tape, to seal the rack if it becomes damaged.10.

Keep a list of all the items you have installed and any that you want to change.11.

Do not remove any of your coatrack accessories without first calling your installer.

If any of the above things don’t work for you, consider an independent coat rack installation company.

These companies provide professional coat rack installations, repair and maintenance services.

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