New coat rack for patagonian dogs

Patagonia is selling a new coat rack that is designed to help prevent pet owners from leaving their dogs in the rain.

The rack features a reflective coat rack, which is designed with a large reflector to make it easier to spot your dog in the dark.

The reflective coat is also reflective, making it easier for you to see the dog, which can make for some tricky spots.

The reflector also helps keep the coat from falling off your dog.

The new coat racks are available now for $79.95 at

Patagonias was able to get rid of the reflector after a customer complained.

The company says it was one of the only brands in the market to do so.

Patagonia has a few other coat racks, but it is the first to use reflective coat racks for outdoor use.

The Patagonian coat rack has an integrated solar panel, so it can be set up to charge your phone or laptop.

The company says the reflective coat will last up to 20 hours, and will keep your dog’s coat dry through the night.

It’s a great addition to a home or office, or a good option if you’re going to be out for a few hours.

Patagians also has an LED dog light that works on both outdoor and indoor lighting, so you can illuminate the dog while it’s out.

Patagians is also offering the new coatrack in a black and white colorway.

The black version is $99.99, and the white version is also $99, making this a good investment if you want to add this feature to your home.

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