How to get your closet stocked with cute wall toppers

By now, most of us have heard of the wall topper trend, in which people decorate their homes in an effort to add some color to their spaces.

These cute wall decorations are sometimes done in a cute way (think cute baby outfits or kids’ clothing) and sometimes they are done with a more sinister motive (think the creepy crawlies from horror films).

We can all agree that it is not always fun to have our walls covered in creepy crawlie garb.

And so, we decided to share a few tricks to help you get rid of that creepy crawliest wall decor for good.

Here are some ideas to help make your bedroom or living room a little bit less creepy.1.

Use a light to make it easy to spot the creepy crawling creatures.

A light on a wall, window or window shade will help make the crawlies easier to spot.

A simple light on the floor of the room, such as a lamp or a fan, will also help.2.

Throw a little shade.

Try placing a little white cloth under a window shade.

This will help to conceal the crawlie from the other creatures.3.

Use curtains to add a little contrast.

Place a curtain of fabric between the curtain and the ceiling.

The curtains will create a nice little light source for the crawlys to hide.4.

Use candles.

This one might be a little challenging for some people, but they can be a great way to get rid the creepy looking crawlies.

Light candles on a table, wall or wall-to-wall, and then place them under a lamp to create a little sparkle.5.

Use paint.

A good paint will help the crawlers hide from the daylight and add a bit of a pop to the room.6.

Make a little candle.

A small candle can be used to create an artificial glow that can be placed on the ceiling, wall, or window.

A candle can also be used in the room to help light up the room and add some extra color.7.

Paint the walls with glitter.

The glitter will add a sparkle to the walls and add to the creepy feeling of the crawly crawlies hiding in the darkness.8.

Add a little light.

If you have a few candles and a lamp, make them into a little lamp that lights up the walls to let the crawlings see the light.

You can also light a little fire on a regular lamp to add even more illumination to the crawliest of rooms.9.

Use some of your favorite candles.

Put a few candle holders under the lamp and then add a few of the candles to the candle holder.

If your room has plenty of candles, add some candles to a few places in your room to light up and make the room a bit more colorful.10.

Make your closet a little more cozy.

Add some cushions to your closet, or put a blanket over the closet for a little extra warmth.11.

Use glittery candles.

If all else fails, try sprinkling glitter on your ceiling.12.

Use colorful lights.

A little sparkly lighting can add a nice touch to your room, or it can be added to the ceiling to add an added glow to the rooms.13.

Paint a big smiley face on your wall.

Some people like to add this little piece of glitter to their wall to let them know that they have found their creepy crawly neighbors.14.

Use colored paint to make your walls look more interesting.

Put some of the painted pieces in different colors to create some great little touches to the wall.15.

Use decorative plants.

These plants can be some of our favorite decor toppers.

Plant a variety of plants in different places in the house and add them to the garden.16.

Paint your walls with flowers.

Some of us love plants that can add some interest to the house.

For example, put a few small white flowers in the front of the closet to create the illusion that there are more crawlies there than there are in the bedroom.17.

Add glitter to the curtains.

You could even add glitter on the curtains themselves to add interest to your house.18.

Create a few little candles to light your bedroom.

These little candles are just as good as a light source to add sparkle and a bit extra color to the bedroom to make the creepy room a lot more inviting.19.

Create some decorative curtains.

If this is a special occasion or you just love decorating your bedroom, adding some little decorative curtains to your walls can add to your decor.20.

Use the color of the bed to create drama.

This is another great way for you to make things a little less creepy for your creepy crawlers.

Add decorative pieces of fabric or other fabric to your bed to add drama to your bedroom and make it seem more inviting to your crawlers and make your creepy room feel more like a normal room.21.

Use an air freshener to lighten the

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